thinking - Blow Him And Then You Can Fuck Me 4

Doll and thinking - Egals 8: Sakura Aragaki. Gloria has a show which has very poor ratings. If she does not double her ratings by the end of two weeks, then she and her show will be goners. Luckily for her, a scheming man broadcasting himself from an unknown location has an idea for her... All he asks for is her body. Reluctantly, she agrees and finds that his bright idea were hardcore porno videos, and it turns out to be a complete debacle. Or was it? Soon Gloria is surrounded by wealth, a healthy fan base, and enough status to get her body for three lifetimes, and it's time for the man to collect on the debt owed to him. Just what is it that he truly wants?

Gemini has brought in a real masochist to remind everyone what this means. The more pain She inflicts the more this slave just giggles and laughs allowing Gemini to really flex Her muscles and use some of Her favorite and more painful and biting toys. It starts of with a warm up of open hand spanking and the moves right into a variety of heavy straps and paddles. Gemini uses a fearsome looped rubber toy and no one has been able to stand and leaves beautiful red loops on this slaves ass. Finally Gemini presses some cool steel to his ass before She strings him up for round two. Gemini now warms his back up with some heavy single then double flogger action. Then Gemini warms herself up with some single tail whip cracks. Gemini does push this slave limits a bit. She knows because he winds to standing on his toes after some stinging whip bites. Finally Gemini pierces his back with needles and uses the single tail to remove them. This sharp shooter exercise really showcases Gemini's skill.

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